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Coming Soon To A Screen Near You!

Squodge Media (or just 'Squodge' to our friends) aim to fulfil the needs of today's media and entertainment professionals.
Are you an actor or actress who needs a fully-customisable profile that can be easily viewed by prospective producers?
Perhaps you're a band looking for a bass guitarist, or vice versa, and you want your band/musician profile to showcase some of your best tracks? Or maybe you're looking to be the next Lily Cole and therefore require the services of a reputable photographer? Look no further - Squodge intends to make you shine in the huge, wide world of showbiz, music, and everything in between.

There will be thousands of jobs offered, plenty of pages with useful tips about your industry, and a lively forum to discuss the latest and greatest gossip. And it's not all about work, work, work. Every day, a few lucky people will be Squodged! That's right - and it's not even as painful as it sounds. The fortunate few will be showcased in the Squodge Hall of Fame for all too see - a plucky producer, a stupendous stylist, or maybe a magnificent make-up artist!

Soon you can get involved, get signed-up, and show the world why it needs you. Talent doesn't want to be hidden... it wants to be Squodged!